Meet the Karbastian – in development

A camera crew follows Karbastian, a buoyant arrogant HR guy who thinks his ludicrous and absurd motivating methods have succeded to implement an over productive workforce until he realises automation could replace him when he discovers that one of the employees was born in a tech shop. Furthermore he becomes paranoid thinking he might also be a super human, so he stops eating for several days… will Karbastian leave the company or how can he make sure he stays?

What is automation you ask? Automation is the technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance.

Stage: in development

Production Company: Novart Media FIlms

Director: Sebastian Mantilla

Actors: Carlos Mattheus Souto (as Carlos Souto Karbastian),

Status: first draft

Genre: mockumentary, comedy

Format: 2.35, 4K


The hope for every working person is that we get a job where our co-workers and managers are switched on and aware of the real world outside our office walls.

Because bad, old business ideas get entrenched and after that no one questions them, nearly every function is plagued with pointless and counter-productive ideas and practices.

These ancient, goofy ideas serve no purpose. They suck valuable time and energy out of people, but companies hang onto them because they say “This is the way we’ve always done it!”

This is when automation comes in handy… but is everyone ready?


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